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Annual Report


Gary Dickerson Elected Flint PMC President Appointed MPMCA Director

Gary Dickerson of Dickerson Mechanical in Davison was elected President of the Flint PMC at their 2005 Annual Meeting. He was also appointed as a MPMCA Director representing the Flint Association of PMC.

Gary founded his company in 1995 after working for Ecker Mechanical in Flint where he was a general superintendent for the last 10 years of his time there. He started in the contracting business at the age of 21 having taken his apprenticeship with Local 370 in Flint .

In the Flint association, he currently serves as President and previously was Vice President and Secretary. He also serves on the Joint Apprenticeship Committee.

Gary resides in Davison with his wife Maryann. They have three grown children, a son 29 who is a painting contractor and two daughters ages 28 and 25 that work for the company, one as a Mechanical Engineer and the other as company controller.

We congratulate Gary on his appointment to the Board of Directors.

Doug Wyrwicki Elected MPMCA Secretary

The PMC congratulates Doug Wyrwicki , William E. Walter, Inc., who was recently elected as the new Secretary of the Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors. We know that he will do an excellent job for the MPMCA as he has done for our organization, serving as President, and in all positions on the Board throughout the years.

Doug was honored for the tremendous dedication that he has shown to our Industry in serving in the various capacities: MPMCA Director, Michigan MCA’s Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President and then a two year term as President, President and Officer of the Flint Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors, and Chairman of the Association’s Negotiating Committee. He currently is serving on the Board of Directors of the local Habitat for Humanity, and is the PMC’s liaison with the Board and the individuals donating time and money from the Association.

Tim Goyette Appointed to Michigan’s Oversight Committee National Residential Agreement

Tim Goyette, Goyette Mechanical Company, has been appointed to serve on the new Michigan Oversight Committee for the National Residential Agreement. The Committee is made up of equal labor and management and will develop any changes to the recently agreed to Schedule A for Michigan to the National Residential Agreement. PMC EVP Miller also serves on the Committee in an Ex-Officio position.

Curt LaLonde Serves On MI Mechanical Code Revision Task Force

Curt LaLonde was appointed last year, and continues to serve on the State of Michigan Committee to revise the Michigan Mechanical Code, along with PMC EVP Miller. After two years of meeting and negotiations the Committee has prepared a list of changes that the vast majority of the Industry is in favor of. It may be presented this year, or we will wait until 2007 to have the legislation drafted for the new legislative session.

Flint Education and
Membership Meetings

Membership Meetings Feature Industry Partners

MPMCA Executive Director Walt Maner Addresses Members

 Walt Maner , Executive Director and Lobbyist for the MPMCA was the featured speaker for the January meeting of the Flint Association of PMC. Walt reviewed the various bills and changes that became effective under the 2002-2004 Michigan Legislature.

In particular, he reviewed the new regulation that contractors and journeypersons licensed under the new Michigan Plumbing Law must take code upgrade classes to be able to renew their licenses.

After reviewing the recently closed legislative session, Lobbyist Maner discussed the legislative issues that have recently been introduced in the Michigan Legislature, and those being considered for introduction. Primary among them was the proposed changes to Michigan ’s Single Business Tax.

UA 370 Business Manager Mark Johnson Speaks to Membership

At the March membership meeting UA 370 Business Manager Mark Johnson attended to discuss items of mutual concern with the Flint Membership. Discussion topics centered on a number of educational issues currently changing, including: Safe2Work Safety Training, Asbestos Training, and special certification training programs being offered by the UA 370 Joint Training Committee. The state of the industry, upcoming work, and the work load for Michigan were reviewed at length.

The Volunteer work the Association and the Union do in cooperation were evaluated with the desire to increase the number of activities that we are able to cooperate on during the course of the year. At the meeting the membership voted to extend the Associations support of the local Habitat for Humanity projects.

Special Programs

Service Sales Strategies

Flint PMC member’s participated in the Greater Michigan PMC’s Training Program with Nationally known Speaker Mark Matteson (pictured right). Mr. Matteson, President of Pinnacle Service Group in Lynwood , Washington , is the author of three books and he has over 26 years in the HVAC Industry.

Scheduled in two half day sessions, the programs: Service Sales Strategies, which was geared for Owners, Service Managers and Sales Managers; and Technician Sales, Service Managers, Sales Managers, Sales People, Service Technicians, were extremely well-received by all who attended. Mark inspired the people to adopt long lasting skills they need to succeed on their own.

His educational strategy based on personal experience, best practices of peak performers, coaching time in the classroom and coaching time in the field helped those in attendance to learn strategies that will help them create a new attitude on a success level.

Residential Meeting



Flint PMC members participated in the Greater Michigan Plumbing Contractors Association, a division of the Greater MI PMCA, sponsored a meeting to discuss the Michigan Schedule A to the National Residential Agreement.

Featured speakers included: Gary Hamilton, UA Special Representative for Residential and Gary Young, UA International Representative for Michigan . Associations represented at the meeting included, Greater MI PMC, Flint PMC, Detroit MCA, Monroe PMCA, and the Michigan MCA.

PMC Summer Conference Program

 Several members of the Flint PMC attended The Greater Michigan PMC Summer Conference in July in Chicago . Educational Plans for Contractors and Supervision to Insure the Future of the Union Employing Mechanical Contractor was the main topic of discussion. The discussion included UA International Representative Gary Young and UA 370 Business Manager Mark Johnson .

Along with the conference, the PMC reserved The Field Museum where those present, PMC Members and Guests, had the unique opportunity to privately view the Remarkable King Tut Exhibition.

 This Exhibition has toured the United States only once before and that was twenty-six (26) years ago. Comments regarding this tour suggest, it may never be here again, due to the wear on the artifacts.

Flint Marketing and
Special Projects Report

Website Revised

The Association’s website was revised to accommodate increased marketing. New categories were added and additional information added to give individuals a better explanation of what types of work each member specialized in.

Airport Advertising

The first major marketing project for the Association was the Airport Advertising at the Flint Airport . The eight (8) foot “Welcome Soffit” is in the Concourse at Bishop International Airport for the next three years. Since the display began, we have received an increase in calls from the website.

Promotional Marketing Packets

A new promotional packet with information on the PMC’s membership, both business and volunteer was produced. The packet outlines the numerous changes, to enhance productivity, the Association has made with its joint collective bargaining agreement between the PMC and UA Local 370.

Also included was our revised brochure on the numerous volunteer projects that the organization is involved in.

Owner/User Contracts

Contacts have begun with local owners and users. An initial meeting was held with the City of Flint , its’ Mayor and Special Projects Director. We also have been working with General Motors. We will be continuing our efforts with both.

During the next year we will expand our contacts with major owners and users in the Association’s area to educate them on the benefits of utilizing union employing contractors.

Flint Area Labor-Management Council

The PMC continued meeting with representatives of the Flint Building Trades Council in an effort to establish a labor management organization for the Greater Flint area. UA 370 Business Manager, Mark Johnson is the immediate Past-President of the local building trades council. UA 370 and the PMC have been spearheading the program which should be up and running before the end of the year.

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program for the children of UA Local 370 members and contractors continues to be a very successful endeavor. It has been in existence since 1988. The number of scholarships varies from year to year, but this past year we tied our all time high when twenty-one scholarships were again awarded.

All applicants must be a son or daughter of a member of UA Local 370 and/or of a contractor (owner). Children of deceased or retired persons are eligible if the parent was one of the above at the time of their death or retirement. The program is an excellent way to support those individuals that we hope will have an interest in making the plumbing & mechanical industry a career.



Habitat for Humanity

The Flint PMC membership has become actively involved in Habitat for Humanity. This year we are sponsoring a number of houses where the PMC pays for the materials to do the mechanical work at homes. UA 370 members donate the time to do the installation. In addition to our members donating money and materials for the projects, they also donate the contractors’ trucks and tools for the installations. Doug Wyrwicki , Past President of the Association is a member of the Board of Directors for the local Habitat for Humanity organization and has spearheaded the Associations involvement in the project.

A number of our members’ employees are involved in local projects and volunteer their evenings and Saturdays to work on the homes.

North End Soup Kitchen

Text Box:  The North End Soup Kitchen provides meals to the homeless and indigent. The work done by the Kitchen is much needed in our area. At the holiday season, contributions have been made to assist the Kitchen with its mission.


The Flint Association has been a financial supporter of the Kitchen for a number of years.


Carriage Town Ministries

Text Box:

In the spirit of the season the Flint Association continually supports the Carriage Town Ministries. Partnering with Carriage Town is an on-going program of the Association as they reach out to the homeless of our community.

The Ministries has been serving the homeless in the area since 1950, “rescuing the least, last, lonely, and the lost”. As stated by Rev. Robert Sweeney, “I can picture the faces of the children who will be blessed by what we will be able to do for them this holiday season due to your contribution.”


ATI GROUP First Flint STAR Contractor

The Flint PMC is proud to report that our Member ATIGROUP has certified 12 STAR Mechanics.

ATIGROUP provides its clients with a complete array of integrated mechanical services. Installation, preventive maintenance, service and repair of every type of equipment is done by our factory trained professionals.

During the course of the year the following Flint Contractors have also received their STAR Contractor certification:

  • Goyette Mechanical
  • William E. Walter, Inc.


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