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December 2001

Business Manager Meets With Membership

L. ro R. -Ben Ranger, Bob Ranger and UA 370 Business Manager Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson, Business Manager of UA Local 370, Plumbers, Pipe Fitters and Service Trades, was the featured speaker at the Flint PMC Membership Meeting in November.

Mark reviewed the progress on the Local's Training Center (pictured at right outside the new Union Hall and Joint Training Center) along with the recent training programs, including Medical Gas Training and Welder Certification.

Contractor members present discussed upcoming training programs, and the various topics they would like to see covered in journeyman upgrade classes. Also reviewed at the meeting was the ongoing progress of training the total UA membership on safety and first aid certification.

Jack Hettrick Attends Membership Meeting

Jack Hettrick, Specialty Contractors Worker's Compensation Program, spoke to the membership in October. He reviewed the recent changes at the statewide program, and how they will affect the local association member.

He also discussed options that contractors have as it regards workers compensation.

November 2001

Flint Tradition of Service Continues with Two State Presidents

For the first time in the history of the Michigan PMCA, both the MPMCA President and the Michigan Mechanical Contractors Association Presidents are members of the same local Association. The Flint PMC is tremendously proud of this continuing history of service to our state associations.

Dominic Goyette, MPMCA President

Dominic Goyette, Goyette Mechanical Company, was elected President of the MPMCA at the 2001 Convention. In accepting the honor Dominic stated: "I'm sure my dad is looking down and is very proud at this moment". The late Tom Goyette, Dominic's father, was MPMCA President in 1978. It's never easy to walk in someone's footsteps, especially your fathers, but he has taken the responsibility of that leadership, and grown the company into an even greater force as it forges into this new century. The main office is in Flint, with branch offices in: Ann Arbor, Oscoda, Lansing, and Auburn Hills. Goyette Mechanical's focus is Industrial, Automotive and Commercial projects. A significant portion of the business includes service work with a staff of over 30 service technicians. In total the company employs over 230 people. Like his father, he has a history of exceptional service to the mechanical industry. As MPMCA's President, elected at the Traverse City Convention earlier this year, Dominic will be serving an extended term as the Association makes the change from an Annual Convention Exposition to an Expo in February, 2002, and an Annual Meeting and Summer Conference in August, 2002, that will also gear to the family. He has been President of the Flint PHCC, and served on MCAA's Project Management Committee.

Dominic graduated from Northern Michigan University in Industrial Design. He began his management mission with the company as a Commercial and Industrial estimator and designer. Dominic and his wife Brenda have three children, Dominic, Olivia, and Vincent. He is active in his church and several community organizations including, the Boy Scouts, the Flint Cultural Center, and the Whaley Children's House.

Douglas Wyrwicki, President, Michigan Mechanical Contractors Association

Douglas Wyrwicki, William E. Walter, Inc., was elected to a two-year term as President of the Michigan Mechanical Contractors Association in January 2001. He had previously served the Michigan MCA as Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. Doug is also currently in his final year of a two-year term as President of the Flint PMC Association.

William E. Walter, Inc. is a professional contracting firm that specializes in the innovative design, fabrication, installation, and service of the mechanical systems that make up today's dynamic workplaces.

For over 50 years they have supplied plumbing, heating, air conditioning and process piping for facilities throughout Michigan. From large automotive factories and manufacturing complexes, to universities, hospitals, and office centers of all kinds.

Doug began in the industry as a draftsman for a consulting engineering firm in 1968, while he was a college student in Flint. He graduated from Flint College with a business degree and went to work at Sauer, Inc. in Atlanta. Sauer at that time was one of the country's largest contractors. During his two years with the company he served as Project Engineer for the Florida State Capital Building Complex. He left

Flint Association Members'
Leadership Throughout
The Years

2001 Dominic Goyette
MPMCA President

2001 Doug Wyrwicki
Michigan MCA President

1982 Thomas Goyette
Michigan MCA President

1978 Thomas Goyette
MPMCA President

1972 Robert Eagleson
MPMCA President

1968 William Blough
Michigan PHCC President

1966 Chester Baughan
Michigan PHCC President

1947 Amos Draper
Michigan MPA President

1939 Nax Holmes
Michigan MPA President

1920 Edwin Sterner
Michigan MPA President

Michigan - MCA - Mechanical
Contractors Association

PMCA - Plumbing & Mechanical
Contractors Association

PHCC - Plumbing-Heating-
Cooling Contractors Association

MPC - Master Plumbers

Sauer for a short stint with the Pittsburgh Mechanical Division of Snyder Mechanical before returning to Michigan before his first-born entered the world. When Doug and family returned to Michigan he went to work for Center Construction as Purchasing Agent and Project Engineer. He got his feet wet by building 13 Sambo's and Mountain Jack Restaurants in 16 months. He became part of the mechanical industry working for then Flint PHCC member DaVanay Plumbing & Heating for two years.

In June, 1980 Doug began working for Howard Shand at William E. Walter, Inc., as a Project Manager and Estimator. As he contributed as part of the management team that elevated William E. Walter, in 1987 he was given the opportunity to buy into the company. In 1996 he became President, the office that he holds today with partner John Walter, grandson of founder Bill Walter, Vice President.

Doug and his wife Dawn have been married for over 27 years and have three daughters. He is involved in the local ASHRAE Chapter, and works on their Scholarship Committee. He also participates as a member of the Greater Michigan MSCA's Scholarship Committee that regulates the Scholarships for Ferris State University.

The Flint Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors Association has been an active chapter of the Michigan Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors Association since the early 1920's. It's activism in support of the MPMCA, in all of its variations throughout the years, can be seen in the Flint Leadership Listing to the right.

July 2001

Planning For Upcoming Year Main Item on Agenda for Membership Meeting

Planning for the new fiscal year was the top item on the agenda of the recent Flint membership meeting. Flint President Doug Wyrwicki, William E. Walter, Inc., stressed the necessity to become more involved in both State Associations, and the ongoing Marketing Programs for the union contractor.

Contractors reviewed an approved the new budget that will include increased promotional activities,support of the activities of the Michigan Mechanical Contractors Association, and greater community service activities.

Left - L. to R. -Gary Dickerson, Dickerson Mechanical, Flint President Doug Wrywicki and Flint Vice President John Walter, both of William E. Walter, Inc.

Bottom - L. to R. - Dave Hendershot, Ecker Mechanical, Dorothy Overman, Flint Executive Secretary, Dominic Goyette, Goyette Mechanical Company and Marlo Howieson, Refrigeration Engineering, Inc.

Discussions also center on the Association's increased participation with the Michigan Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors Association (MPMCA) as it supported long-time member Dominic Goyette, Goyette Mechanical Company, who is the current President of the MPMCA. Doug Wrywicki is also serving at a state position as President of the Michigan Mechanical Contractors Association.

The Association has also voted to continue its partnership with the Greater Michigan Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors Association through its President, Sandra Miller.

June 2001

New Name For Flint Association

During the Annual Meeting, the membership voted on a new name - The Flint Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors. The Association has a great deal more contact with the MCAA as a National organization and felt that the name change better idenified the workings of the Association as it exists today.

Annual Meeting

At its Annual Meeting in May, the written Annual Report was presented to the membership dealing with the numerous activites of the organization throughout the past year. As was shown in the Report, the activities have increased greatly over the past year and were instrumental in the organization receiving the Michigan Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors Association's Award for the 2000 Association of the Year.

Doug Wyrwicki Elected President of Michigan MCA

Doug Wyrwicki, William E. Walter, Inc., was recently elected to a two-year term as President of the Michigan Mechanical Contractors Association. Doug has served the Michigan MCA as its Secretary-Treasurer and Vice President before his election to President. He is currently serving his second year of a two-year term as President of the Flint PMC

.L. to R. - Doug Wyrwicki presenting President's Plaque to outgoing MMCA President Mike Brunett

The Michigan MCA is Michigan's organization representing the union-employing contractors of the state of Michigan. Meeting quarterly, the Michigan MCA also meets with reprentatives of the Michigan State Pipe Trades Association to discuss items of mutual concern. Currently they are in the process of jointly reviewing a possible statewide drug testing program, statewide jurisdiction on pre-fabrication, and freedom of movement.

May 2001

MPMCA's Maner Attends Flint Meeting

Walt Maner, Executive Director, Michigan Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors Association attended the recent membership meeting for the Flint PHCC. He went into depth on the proposed revised Plumbing Law.

L. to R. - Back Row - Greg Pfeiffer and Ken Coon, Miller Sage, Inc., Walt Maner, MPMCA, Dominic Goyette, Goyette Mechanical, John Walter, William E. Walter, Inc., Don Koon, Shank--Coupland -Long, Gary Dickerson, Dickerson Mechanical, Front Row - Marlo Howieson, Refrigeration Engineering, Inc., Steve Torrey, Johnson and Wood, LLC, Tom Long, Shank-Coupland,- Long, Jim Wright, Midwest Mechanical, Inc.

Along with Flint Consultant Sandra Miller, Walt discussed Legislative Issues such as the Prevailing Wage Legislative Bills, the Prevailing Wage Lawsuit, and other statewide issues. It also gave Walt the opportunity to present the Chapter of the Year Award to the total membership.

Project Management Seminar

The final two-day of the Flint Association's Project Management Seminar were held in March. The programs are provided by MCAA's National Education Institute Onsite Campus, and held in cooperation with Greater Michigan PMC. John Koontz, former professor at Purdue University, was instructor for the seminars. A very successful effort, eighty percent (80%) of the membership had workers attending the conference. We received excellent comments from all in attendance.

February 2001

Project Management Seminar

The Flint Association completed the first of two two-day sessions on Project Management in January. The programs are provided by MCAA's National Education Institute Onsite Campus.

John Koontz, former professor at Purdue University is instructor for the seminars. The follow-up sessions, held in cooperation with Greater Michigan PMC, will be held on March 22nd, 23rd, 2001, at the Holiday Inn Express, Gateway Center, Grand Blanc/Flint area.

A very successful effort, eighty percent (80%) of the membership has workers attending the conference. We received excellent comments from all in attendance. They spoke of how much they were looking forward to the upcoming sessions.

We had limited additional space and opened the program to others in Michigan. Attendees came from the Greater Michigan PMC Membership, Traverse City, and Grand Rapids.

December 2000

Flint Association Supports Carriage Town Ministries

Tis the season to be jolly . . . but also to help those less fortunate. In the spirit of the season the Flint Association continues to support the Carriage Town Ministries. Partnering with Carriage Town is an on-going program of the Association as they reach out to the homeless of our community.

The Ministries has been serving the homeless in the area since 1950, "rescuing the least, last, lonely, and the lost". As stated by Rev. Robert Sweeney, "I can picture the faces of the children who will be blessed by what we will be able to do for them this holiday season due to your contribution".

UA Local 370 Moves To A New Home

UA Local 370 Plumbers, Pipe Fitters, Service Trades, has recently moved to a new location. The move, which happened in November, has the Local in a much large and new facility.

Pictured right - Ben Ranger, Bob Ranger and Business Manager Mark Johnson

The facility has over 17,000 square feet. Seven thousand will be utilized for the offices and meeting hall and 10,000 will be dedicated to the new UA 370 Training Facility. Business Manager Mark Johnson stated "We hope to have the new Training Facility Up and running by June 2001".

November 2000

Dave Hendershot - Ecker Mechanical Contractors
Honored for Service To Association

Dave Hendershot, was honored at the October's Special Membership Meeting for his service to the Flint Association. Dave recently finished a two-year term as President of the Flint Chapter.

Below - L. to R. Dave being presented President's Plaque from current President Doug Wyrwicki, William E. Walter, Inc.

Dave and Ecker Mechanical, Inc. have been in Business since 1966, and have been involved in the Association for more than half that time. The Company is a full service Mechanical Contractor specializing in commercial, industrial, and institutional work along with having a full Service Division. They have a 40,000 square foot Sheet Metal Shop, and do retail sales of fabrication and ductwork.

Dave has been an active member of the Labor Relations Committee for over ten years, and helped negotiate the last three contracts of the organization. He also has served on the Entertainment & Activities Committee and the Education Committee.

Along with being President, Dave has served the Flint PHCC as Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. When reflecting on his past two years as President Dave said: "We have a great group of contractors at the Flint Association. They are terrific to work with, and made the job easy. I truly enjoyed the time that I spent as President of the Flint PHCC."

Flint PHCC Goes Online

The Flint PHCC has now gone online. You can send information to the organization's staff, Executive Secretary Dorothy Overman and Consultant Sandra Miller, as follows:

October 2000


The FAPHCC hosted their Annual Golf Outing on August 29, 2000 at The Atlas Valley Country Club in Grand Blanc. The outing was delayed this year. One week due to the invitational that is held at Atlas Valley and three  weeks due to the rain.

Despite the delays, there was a very good turnout with 138 golfers. As the golfers arrived for breakfast, it was cloudy and overcast - it did sprinkle for about three minutes, but the rest of the day was beautiful. After a day on the course, there was a buffet dinner for the golfers to feast on and then the presentations began.

Emceeing the after dinner event this year was the President of FAPHCC, Doug Wyrwicki, who was assisted by Matt Burke of Goyette Mechanical and Dorothy from the Association office. Some of the dignitaries attending the Golf Outing this year were Tennyson Barry and Henry Green from the State Bureau of Construction Codes and Merle West Jr., a City of Flint Inspector.

The Winner of the Championship Trophy (again!) was Mr. Ed Heron from William E. Walter, Inc. Hey Ed - how about giving somebody else a turn? The Runner-Up Trophy went to Kevin Golden of Hodges Supply Company. The Longest Drive #9 winner was Brad Fisher from William E. Walter, Inc. and Closest to pin #16 went to Bob Hicks from Miller-Sage, Inc.
Congratulations to all of you.

Our beverage carts were co-sponsored this year by A & S Supply Company, The Bertsch Company and Harrison Piping Supply Company.

There were many door prizes donated by our suppliers and wholesalers. Our thanks to all who attended and donated gifts. Your attendance and generosity continue to make this Annual Outing a success each year.

September 2000

Joint Training Committee Sends Instructors to UA Instructor Training Program

With the UA in Michigan for its renowned Instructor Training Program, it is the ideal opportunity for local UA Joint Training Committees to send their instructors for certification. UA Local 370's Committee sent three instructors to this year's program to increase their skills to prepare the best apprentices and journeyperson for the contractors.

Along with the UA 370 Instructors, Bob Anderson, the Mid-Michigan JAC Instructor for UA 370 was also in attendance.

Quality craftsmanship is an outcome of good teaching in UA training programs. Through the UA Instructor Training Program, the UA's aim is to help improve the teaching technique, broaden the manipulative skills, and expand the store of scientific and technical knowledge related to the trade.

June 2000

Chuck Gatecliff Instructs UA 370 Foremen
And Supervisors

Chuck Gatecliff, CAG Consulting, Ltd., taught a six week, Foreman and Supervisor Training Program to members of Plumbers & Pipefitters UA Local 370.

The program shows that the Flint contractors and UA Local 370 recognize the need for effective leaders within their organizations.

They know that effective leaders enable us to compete more efficiently in the marketplace. Foremen with good mechanical and leadership skills will help the contractors maintain quality, and provide a better product for the end user.

New Officers and Directors Elected

The Flint Association held their Annual Meeting in May. At the meeting new Officers and Directors were elected, as follows:

Doug Wyrwicki - President
William E. Walter, Inc. Mechanical Contractors

John Walter - Vice President
William E. Walter, Inc. Mechanical Contractors


Dominic Goyette
Goyette Mechanical Company

The new Officers and Directors take effect at the June meeting. New Committee representatives were also appointed.

May 2000

Dominic Goyette Elected Vice-President of the MPMCA

The Flint PHCC is proud to report that Board Member Dominic Goyette, Goyette Mechanical Company was elected Vice-President of the Michigan Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors Association at the April MPMCA Annual Convention. Dominic has served on the MPMCA Board for a number of years and last year served as the MPMCA's Secretary.

Flint Well Represented at MCAA Convention

The Flint area was represented at the recent MCAA Convention by Matt Burke, Goyette Mechanical Company and Doug Wyrwicki, William E. Walter, Inc.. They had the unique opportunity to hear programs such as Astronaut Jerry Linger speaking about his time in the Mir Space Station; attend excellent educational programs; and hear UA General President Martin Maddaloni discuss upcoming programs, including the new Substance Abuse Agreement agreed to jointly by the UA and MCAA.

Pictured right - Matt and Pam Burke, Goyette Mechanical at MCAA Convention

Flint PHCC Partners With Greater Michigan PMC

The Flint PHCC has entered into an agreement to partner with the Greater Michigan PMC. The agreement will have the Greater Michigan PMC staff working with the existing staff of the Flint Association to increase the services available to Flint area contractors.

The partnership will permit us to grow the programs and benefits available for the members and increase the programs for the benefit of the greater Flint area.

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